Port dŽAlcudia

Port dŽAlcudia is one of the big tourist centres on the east coast of Mallorca. Officially, Port dŽAlcudia has only 4000 inhabitants, but it looks much bigger. The beach going in direction of CaŽn Picafort is many miles long, which helped it become one of the first tourist resorts on Mallorca. Many say the port town’s best times have long gone.

Harbour of Alcudia on Mallorca  Port Alcudia Waterfront

Port dŽAlcudia is a place for family holidays, but there are also some younger tourists here. The area has the biggest nightlife on the East Coast of Mallorca. Dozens of clubs and discos entertain the tourists. Port dŽ Alcudia is mainly a holiday town for Germans, but also a lot of British tourists come here. The town is considered a place for a cheap holiday. Almost everybody here booked at home, but most of the year it is not difficult to find a room on the spot. Those looking for a holiday appartment will get better deails in Port dŽAlcudia than in most other places on the island. The surrounding countryside is great for cycling and hiking. Because the area is pretty mountainous, you will need to be in good shape to get far with a bicycle. The tourist information in the centre is very helpful and professional.

Most of Port dŽAlcudia consist of very big hotels, fast food shops, nightclubs, restaurants, cafes and supermarkets in the medium or lower price range. In the centre there is a broad promenade with a marina, cafes and shops. The hotels are mainly south, along the beach in direction CaŽn Picafort. The beach is one of the longest and nicest in Mallorca. Because the beach is so long it is not overcrowded in high season.

The great Beach of Alcudia (Mallorca)  A Kebab Shop in Alcudia Selling Fast Food

A very big disadvantage of Port d` Alcudia is the broad and very busy road towards CaŽn Picafort, which divides the beach from most of the hotels. The road is very noisy and dangerous to pass, especially for children.

Buses to Port dŽAlcudia: Villages and resorts around Port dŽ Alcudia: Bus Connections to the villages around Port d’Alcudia are great. One line connects Port dŽ Alcudia with the holiday areas in the North (Puerto de Pollensa) and South (CaŽn Picafort) several times an hour during the season (10 times a day in winter). The same amount of buses runs to the two bigger towns in the backcountry (Alcudia and Pollensa).

To Palma de Mallorca: In winter the bus leaves about 8 times a day, in summer more frequently. Line #351 also stops in Inca and takes 70 minutes to get to Palma. Buses to Lluc Monastery and Port de Soller leave one or two times a day – but only during the season. There are also a few buses to the train station in Sa Pobla with connections to the train to Palma.

Alcudia: The town Alcudia is about 4 km from Port d` Alcudia and has a population of about 10.000. The old part of the town is nice - the church Iglesia de Sant Jaume and the medieval city wall are especially worth seeing. In spite of the mega holiday resorts in Port d` Alcudia the town Alcudia did not change a lot, and as such is still one of the a typical country town of Mallorca.


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