Buses and Trains on Mallorca

Long-Distance Buses: The bus system on Mallorca is good and fairly cheap. All the bigger villages and towns can be reached by bus. The timetable is unfortunately overly focused on Palma de Mallorca - that means there are not many buses between the towns in the East. Very often, you’ll find that you have to travel to Palma and change buses there. There are many buses between Palma and all bigger tourist areas like Playa de Palma, Magaluf, Santa Ponca, Soller, Andratx, Pollenca, Can Picafort, Alcudia, Cala Rajada, Portochristo, Porto Colom and Colonia de Sant Jordi (just to mention some). Only one bus a day runs to Cala Figuera. At the bus station in Palma you can get a free timetable with all buses on the island. The prices for the buses are reasonable: For example a ticket from Palma to Soller cost €2.20 in 2008(30 km) and to Alcudia €4 (70 km). Most buses on Mallorca are run by the company TIB.

A Public Bus on Mallorca

(Most Buses on Mallorca are run by the public company TIB)

Local Buses: The local buses in Palma de Mallorca are cheap and give a good service. The most important bus for tourists is route #1 which goes from the airport to the centre and then on to the port. A single ticket is €1.10, which you can buy from the driver. Because there are no other bigger cities on Mallorca, there are not many other local buses. Another important bus for tourists is the bus connecting the tourist resorts Port de Pollenca, Alcudia and Can Picafort. Theses buses run several times on hour in summer, and less frequently in winter.

Train on Mallorca: There are two train lines on Mallorca. One goes from Palma to Soller, the other one Palma to the East of the island. This line splits up in Inca into two lines - one to Sa Pobla and the other one to Manacor.

Palma - Soller: This is not so much a real public transportation; it is more a ‘museum train’ for the tourists. The train ride takes two hours - the bus only needs 25 minutes for the same journey. The train is about 5 times more expensive than the bus. Nevertheless using the train is worthwhile because thanks to the romantic atmosphere of the train and the great landscape. It is actually one of the best, most scenic train rides in Europe. The trains run in both directions about 5-6 times a day in winter, in summer much more often. A single journey is €9, return €14 (February 2007). In Palma the station is near Placa de Espanya, in Soller directly in the centre.

The Train from Palma to Soller

(The Museum-Train Palma-Soller)

Palma- East Mallorca: In stark contrast with the Palma-Soller train, this train is represents modern public transportation and is used by thousands of commuters every day. There are two trains an hour in both directions during the day (also at weekends). The first train leaves Palma at around 6 am, the last around 10:30 pm. All trains go to Inca. One train an hour goes on to Manacor and the other to Sa Pobla. Tickets are cheap, even for the longest journey less than €5 one way. In Inca and other places the timetable of the train and the bus are coordinated, so changing trains and buses is quick. These train start and end in the new underground station under the square Placa de Espanya in Palma.

Tram on Mallorca: There is just one old line that goes from Soller to Port de Soller. It is museum tram and a tourist attraction. You can buy tickets off the conductor; a single ride is around €3.

Underground in Palma de Mallorca: The first underground line in Palma opened in 2007 and connects Placa de Espanya with the university. After big problems with water running into the system the metro could not run until August 2008. The metro of Palma is about 9 km long and has 9 stations. A second line is planed.

Bicycle on Mallorca: There are lot of places which rent bicycles. The prices are very different and can be as low as €5 per day. Bikers love cycling in Mallorca in spring. In the last few years a lot of bicycle lanes have been built on Mallorca and more are under construction. Eco-tourism is a big topic in Mallorca, and for that reason a lot of money has been spent on the improvement of the bicycle lanes.

Car Rentals on Mallorca: During high season it can be cheaper to rent a car over the internet at home. Otherwise, car rental shops are ten-a-penny on Mallorca. In winter, the prices for a small car can be as low as €15. In summer the prices can be very expensive. Generally speaking, prices reflect the demand.

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