Mallorca: Climate and Seasons

The climate on the sunny island Mallorca varies, depending on the season. The summers are hot and dry, the winters mild and rainy. There is sunshine 80% of the year.

January and February on Mallorca: The coldest months of the year. Anyhow, the average temperature during the day is around 15 Celsius. The hotels and the flights are after the Christmas season (after January 6th) cheaper than anytime else in the year. You will only find open hotels, restaurants, pubs and cafes in Palma and the surrounding area. In February there are a few more tourists on Mallorca than in January. They come for the beginning of the almond blossom. Most tourists are on the Platja de Palma (Spanish Playa de Palma). It rains often, and at night temperatures are normally 5-10 degrees. Snow at sea-level is very rare, but there is snow on the higher mountains each winter. You should have a heating in your room or holiday flat. The sea is much too cold for swimming.

March and April on Mallorca: The amount of holidaymakers grows every week. In the two weeks before and after Easter a lot of tourists arrive in Mallorca. The temperatures climb to over 20 Celsius during the day in April. It is a great time for hikers and cyclists. There is less rain than in winter but there are still rainy days almost every week.

May and June on Mallorca: The weather is great! There are some hot days and also some mild days with little rain. The tourist season starts and the hotels get more expensive. For many hikers it gets too hot in June, and the amount of beach-loving tourists increases. The water is still cool, but good for swimming.

July and August on Mallorca: The absolute high season and subtropical climate: Almost no rain and scorchingly hot. Most days are around or over 30 degrees. Finding accommodation in Mallorca is difficult you should book ahead. Hotels and rent cars are expensive. Most tourists spend the days at the beach and the nights in the bars, pubs and clubs.

September and October on Mallorca: The water is still warm, but the temperature is getting lower. The ideal time for a beach holiday for those you do not need more than 30 degrees. The temperature is typically 23 to 27 degrees in the afternoon. There are some short but strong rainfalls. There are fewer families, since the school holidays have ended, but many elderly and single tourists come to Mallorca. The landscape is very dry.

November and December on Mallorca: Many hotels close at the beginning of November. In November in most years the sea is still warm enough to swim. Most days are less than 20 degrees, but in the first half of November there are some really warm days. The short days are a big disadvantage. It gets dark before 6pm. At Christmas the temperature is around 15 degrees on Mallorca.



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