Mallorca: Money and Prices

Money on Mallorca

The currency in Mallorca is the Euro. Therefore many Europeans do not have to go through the annoying process of exchange anymore. In Mallorca smaller things are always paid with cash. Bigger ‘buys’ (Hotels, renting cars, more expensive restaurant bills, plane tickets and petrol) can be paid in most places with credit cards. The Spanish pay even bigger amounts with cash. Cash is always welcome, and "I will pay in cash" is always a good argument when you are bargaining about the price for a room.

Cash cards: Most tourists get their cash in Mallorca from ATMs. There are many ATMs and almost all accept EC Cards and other cards with the Maestro sign. Of course you have to pay for the service, how much depends on your bank. Usually it is 1% and a minimum of 3 to 5 Euros. Some banks have partner-banks in Spain and the use of their ATMs can be for free. Costumers of the German Deutsche Bank can get cash in the machines of the many Deutsche Bank Branches on Mallorca. Shopping with cash cards is usually not possible.

A Branch of the Deutsche Bank on Mallorca

Credit Cards: With those cards you can go shopping or get money from an ATM. Most known credit cards on Mallorca are like, almost everywhere in Europe, Visa and MasterCard. Getting cash can be more expensive than with a Cash Card.

Traveller Cheques: In banks and bureaus de change traveller cheques can be cashed. For this service you will be charge twice: First when you buy the checks and second, when you cash them in on Mallorca. This is around 3% altogether. Traveller Checks are pretty safe way to travel. Since the introduction of the Euro there are less and less places to cash checks. Banks mostly close in Spain at 2pm and are only open from Monday to Friday.

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Prices on Mallorca

Mallorca is not a cheap place to travel anymore. The price levels are still a bit lower than in Britain or Ireland.

Accommodation: A double room for less than €40 is hard to find. In winter prices like €25 or €30 are still possible, if you are lucky. Single rooms are on Mallorca mostly 25-30% less than double rooms.

Restaurants: Eating out can still be cheap in Mallorca. A simple taverna or restaurant should have a main meal for €6-9 Euros. Drinks are also cheaper than in Britain.

Menu on Mallorca in German

Fast-Food: A meal in the many McDonalds or Burger Kings on Mallorca is around €6. A kebab costs around €4. German Fast Food (e.g. sausages) is also very popular and inexpensive.

Bars/Pubs: A large beer (equivalent to a British pint) costs €3 or a bit less in most places. Many places serve German or British beer, which is the same price as Spanish beer or a bit more expensive. The prices for long drinks and cocktails are very different on Mallorca. There are a lot of special offers and most places have a happy hour. Often a special offer is a small beer (0.2 l) for 1 Euro or all long drinks until 10 pm for 2 Euro.

Supermarkets: In the bigger supermarkets the prices are low. Best for cheap shopping is the supermarket chain Mercadona. In the very big shops you can buy brand products and very cheap unbranded products. German discount supermarket chain Lidl is even cheaper and has a lot of shops on Mallorca. Lidl has the same products on sale as it does in Britain and the rest of Europe. Smaller supermarkets in the centre of towns or tourist areas are usually much more expensive.

Electronic/Photo: There is hardly any price difference in the European Union. You can find good service and average prices in the enormous department store El Corte Inglés in the centre of the capital Palma de Mallorca.

Cigarettes: The prices for cigarettes in Spain are much lower than in Britain or Ireland. A packet of cigarettes is around €3. There are always 20 cigarettes in a box. Cigarettes are only sold in tobacco shops, which are only open during the week and only in the morning and early evening. Some pubs and hotels have cigarette dispensing machines. These are the only places to buy cigarettes on Sundays or at night.

Alcohol: In supermarkets on Mallorca alcohol is dirt cheap. A bottle of cheap Gin or Vodka can be as little as €4 in Mercadona or Lidl. You can buy cigarettes and alcohol only if you are at least 18 years old. You have to show ID if you are young or look young.


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