Soller (pop. 12, 000) is a small town 30 km north of Palma. The old town is pleasant, with a market, and the town is served by a historic railway and tram. Tourists also enjoy the Port de Soller, which is 4 km away by the sea. For the locals, Soller is famous for its oranges of high quality. They are a bit smaller than usual but very sweet and have an intensive flavour.

Old Town of Soller: The old centre is well-preserved. The central square Placa de Constiticio with its famous church Sant Bartomeu are the best examples, and the surrounding streets are great for a stroll and shopping. On the main square there are some street cafes where you can enjoy the peaceful and quiet atmosphere of Soller. Sometimes the historic tram to Port de Soller crosses the street. The parish church Sant Bartomeu (13th Century, partly Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque) is the most eye-catching building in Soller. Also worth a visit are the local museum (Casal de Cultura) and the natural museum (Museo de Ciencias Naturales) of Soller.

The Town Soller on Mallorca

Market of Soller: The central market (groceries) is open daily. The most interesting market to attend is the big open air one each Sunday, which spreads out over most parts of the Old Town of Soller. You can buy cheap cloth, food, bags and other things.

Cheese on the Market of Soller  Seller on Soler Market

Railway from Palma to Soller: The historic train was built 1912. Until then, the valley of Soller was cut off from the rest of Mallorca. It was easier to reach France over the sea than to go by donkey 20km over the mountains to Palma. The railway changed this: suddenly, Palma was only 2 hours away. The train was until the mid 90s an important means of transportation. Today there is a long tunnel which shortened the distance to Palma to just 20 minutes. Soller is now almost a suburb of Palma de Mallorca. The railway brings mostly tourists over the mountains these days - almost a million every year. Even if the price is pretty high you should do the ride with the historic train at least one way. The train itself and the landscape are impressing. The ticket prices are €9 one way or €14 return. The train starts at Placa de Espanya in Palma de Mallorca and ends at the centre of Soller.

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Port de Soller: The port of Soller, 4km from Soller, has grown a lot since the arrival of tourism. Out of a small fishing town with a few houses a tourist resort has developed. But still Port de Soller has charm and is worth a walk. There are a lot of visitors on day tours but also more and more people who spent there whole holiday here. It is a good alternative to the overfilled beaches around Palma. Hotels of all price ranges have been built in Port de Soller in the last few years.

Tram Soller to Port de Soller: In 1913 builders completed the 5km long tram route. Today it is a ‘museum tram’ for tourists. The cars and the interior of the tram are almost 100 years old. A one-way trip is €3 (2007). If you want to save the money for the return you can also go by foot (about 1 hour). You buy your tickets from a traditionally attired conductor.



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